Trailer Getaway | Big Sur CA

Since our California trip Sam and I have had a lot of people ask us what to do and see coming up the coast. I hope I can post more on that laters but one place I have to recommend all the time without fail is the Big Sur Getaway in Big Sur (surprise!). These are pretty craptastical photos but I realized just as we were leaving I needed to document a bit of it. A renovated retro trailer decorated to awesome proportions. To get there you drive up a windy road (definitely follow the recommendation of arriving before nightfall) to a secluded little proper among the trees.

Sam and I thoroughly enjoyed sitting out each night listening to some music, drinking rum and cokes and on the odd occasion have some s’mores. So much so it has kind of become one of our beloved traditions since it. Also what can you not love about showering outside in the morning in California light.

Caroline, the owner, was an absolute delight. She offered recommendations on where to eat and what to do. For serious, stay here.

Parkway | Banff National Park

Anita McLean | Kingsville ON

Great Aunt Anita. Age 93.

Sara - These are seriously the best. Keep ‘em coming!

Aunt Caroline - Hi Brit. Thanks for sharing these with us. Yup, Aunt Anita is great, and funny! Sad to see her getting so old though….

Barbara Childress - Beautiful photos of Aunt Anita! Thanks for sharing them!

Murray Ferguson | Kingsville ON

Grandfather. Age 90.


Caroline - So sweet.

Sara - Triple love this!!!! Elderly humans are seriously the best.

Amber Hughes - I love these so, so much. Thank you for sharing them with us!

Cedna Todorovic - Fantastic! A whole lot of love.

Taylor Roades - beautiful.

Annie - Love these, Brittany!

Shari - I adore these. I love taking photographs of my grandfather + hearing his stories. This inspires me to take more! Thanks for sharing these Brittany! They are incredible.

Emily - These are perfect. I need to do this with my grandmother.

Lori - Brittany, we would love a copy of all of these. Any chance you can set it up for us to get them? Downloads? Dropbox? Let me know because these are quite wonderful and would make a great album for memories.

Heather J - Beautiful, just beautiful.

Amara Dirks - These brought tears to my eyes. I lost my grandpa last year, and I wish more than anything I would have done this – but like most things, you never expect something to leave sooner than you thought. Thank you for sharing!

Anna Michalska - So awesome. So lucky you are able to experience this life with your grandparents, and I’m sure they are so proud of you, Brit.

Camille - Oh my god. Just love these. So much.

Ann Fama - Thanks so much Brit, for capturing many pensive yet beautiful reflections of dad. You have pictured him well.

Jeff Cruz - Wondeful images, you captured him beautifully. There is a sense of uneasiness in some of them which I really enjoyed. In other parts I see humour and then senses of peace. An emotional roller coaster. They are great!

Aunt Anita | Kingsville ON

This week I spent some time in Ontario visiting relatives. My absolute most favouritest elderly ladies is my great Aunt Anita who turned 93 in December.  The last I saw her was two years ago – she didn’t recollect who I was immediately but upon introducing myself we continued with conversation as normal. This time despite introduction she couldn’t place who I was – but was thankful for the visit nonetheless. Upon seeing me in a dress today she exclaimed “Oh how the boys must be after you!” When I told her I already had a boy and we were engaged she just smiled and talked about how much she loved her husband who passed away over thirty years ago. By the end of our conversation she kissed me on the cheek and told me to do the same to my husband for her. She is truly the sweetest, wittiest, most honest lady I have ever encountered. I recorded a good portion of our conversation and will be sharing that later.

In the meantime a little moment. She exclaimed her fingers were far too short and stubby. She put her hand up to compare it with mine. Sure enough mine far exceeded hers (excuse my hands). Her index finger slipped off mine and she began waving to me with it before bursting into laughter.

She’s a delight.

Aunt Caroline - Cool post and pics of Aunt Anita. You captured her essence perfectly, both in word and digitally. You’re right…she’s a wonderful person. We are blessed to have her for an aunt.