Let's Go Fly a Kite

I have only flown a kite once. My family was on a bike ride around the Glenmore Reservoir when we passed a sketchy looking guy with his sketching looking van selling (not so sketchy looking) kites. My father in the lead, my mother in the rear and my sister and I in-between. We continued on our way for all of a minute before my father signaled for everyone to pull over. We were going to get a kite. So back we went. After much debate and discussion we chose one. I can’t recall the details, just that it made for an awkward ride back to our home.

The next day we walked to a nearby park. The wind ebbing and rising. I remember desperately running the length of the park. How it would appear to go up before crashing back to the ground. We tried as we could and were about to give up when one of the last tries took and up she went. There is something so simply joyful about flying a kite. And that’s it. That’s all I remember.

So back in the Spring when dear friends Sachin, Shari and Mike and I drove down to Oregon and Sachin decided to buy a kite well… what makes for a better afternoon that photographing on the beach and flying a kite?

Here are some craptastical images of it. Taken with the $25 Braun. The film has probably been stored in -30C to 30C temperatures. Forgotten about until a month ago. Nothing much to say about it other than for the love of my self esteem don’t judge these snapshots.

flying kites 01
flying kites 02
flying kites 03
flying kites 04
flying kites 05
flying kites 06
flying kites 07
flying kites 08
flying kites 09
flying kites 09b
flying kites 10
flying kites 11
flying kites 12
flying kites 13
flying kites 14
flying kites 15
flying kites 16
flying kites 17
flying kites 18

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2 Replies

  • Shirley S. Arner  

    I love your description of the feeling you get when your kite finally does go up, up, up!!!!!

    I haven’t flown a kite in years, and now I want to get one for when my Grandson comes to spend a week with me this summer!!!!!

    Thanks for bringing back some awesome memories for me!!!!!

    Love, always,
    Your distant cousin,