As I have sorted through thousands of slides from my grandpa and great grandfather, I have become intrigued in the conversation of the older generation. There are so many questions I would have for them now as I look back through these images. When preparing to speak at ARC my aunt interviewed the sister of my grandmother, who had also dated my grandfather, giving insight into who he was as a young man. When I think back at visits to my grandparents as a child it is my grandfather’s chair, his collection of mugs high up the kitchen wall, the pile of gardening books under the living room table, the outdated carpet, that compliment their personalities. And that is what inspired this project. I am not sure of the scope or success of it. Quite honestly I am not sure the best way of going about it. But I hope to sit down with the next generation or two, or three, in their spaces. Interview them. Take a handful of images with my Rollei and some black and white film. Hand develop it. And share.

If you or someone you happen to know would be interested in participating send me a message via email at or phone me at 403-560-0058. I will return messages when I return to Canada on March 1.

Who | Individuals or couples who are 80+

Where | Calgary and Canmore area to start. The interviews would happen in the subject’s space.

Time | Approximately 30 minutes or however long conversation goes

Other Stuff | Subjects must be willing to sign a model release. There images and interviews may be shared on several mediums as the scope of the project isn’t known currently. In return for their time and openness to share they will receive two 5×5 prints

Photos taken of my grandfather, Murray Ferguson, in 2010. Rolleiflex. HP5

senior documentary_0005
senior documentary_0006
senior documentary_0007

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